Many left-handed drummers ask themselves: Should I re-configure my drum set, or play right-handed? Does it make any difference?

Drum instructors with left-handed students wonder: How should I work with this student? Should I re-configure the drum set for them?

Thomas Bittner addresses, explores and answers these and many other questions in his guide, packed with practical advice and countless tips based on years working with left-handed students. A left-handed drummer himself, Thomas draws from his personal experience playing right-handed for 20 years before deciding to re-learn on a left-handed set. He explains why it’s so important to follow your natural inclination and exposes several issues associated with an incorrect playing style.

 This book also includes guidelines for drummers interested in re-learning and for instructors who would like to help guide students through this process.

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iBooks by Apple offers the perfect platform for a multi-media book with video clips, audio data and lyrics - all together at once. You can choose what to see, listen to audio and read the scales beside. And of course you could play along with the lessons.

This book is in german language!

I start off with a brief introduction (the history of drums/ drumset) and tell you some about the different parts of our drumset. Next I´m talking you about the grip, correct sitting and other adjustments. We start playing at the practise pad with basic patterns, but soon you will be able to play your first groove at the whole drumkit. This book „part 1“ includes 7 detailed chapters.

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This is „part 2“ of my multi-media book: chapters 8 to 12 (also in german language!).

It offers you advanced grooves, short fills and shows you how to play along with music. You may create your own drumfills thereafter... 

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…there is a book for lefties!

Ths book is especially adressed to lefties: 

Anything visuable (videos, pictures) shows you the correct setup for a lefty. All movements, the moving of your arms, the order of your beats, everything is in accordance with your own nature. There´s no re-thinking, mirror-image presentation. Thus, it´s so much easier to follow and play along … 

It is the first and only "lefty-book" in German language, maybe even the first of it´s kind all over!

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"Part 2“ of the „lefty-book“: chapters 8 to 12.

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