August 2018:

The PAISTE team has launched some news about my new book and the upcoming workshop tour! 


Thanks, guys !!!

July 2018:

The english version of my book is now available! Yeah…what a great moment :-)

Here´s the link to it.

The dates for my workshop tour throughout the german „drummer´s focus“ drum school shops are final now. This fall I´ll be at Cologne, Salzburg, Stuttgart and Munich for a more personal contact. For more information click HERE….

June 2018:

My book´s translation is almost done. Elizabeth Lamberts has done some magnificent work, her translation is just wonderful! We are now working on some additional add ons….

Since the book will be available in English soon, I have to come along with my website….so I´ve started to create an english version of it. The translation is not done completely…please don´t be surprised to find some remaining german parts…I´m working on in!

April 2018:

My friend, singer, musician and composer Michael Benker offered me to support his new musical solo-project. Our first public concert is on 05/04/2018 at Bradbury´s Bar, Landhut.

February 2018:

Within edition 2/18 of the „drums & percussion“ magazine, you can find a review of my book. These guys even recommend it! Of course I´m very happy about that! All my thanks to the editorial staff!

January 2018:

Michael Benker´s new CD will be published on 01/26/2018:

I gladly added my drumming to some of his songs...

December 2017:

My book is now availyble at:


I´m very happy to get my book distributed by europe´s largest dealer for musical equipment.

May 2017:

My new book is - finally - available! 

(This is the original - german - version of the book „The left-handed drummer“)

Here´s the Link to it.

April 2017:

The new live-video of the band „Isolde Brandner & die Brandners“ is ready and online: Link

February 2017:

Two new videos of the band Mellowbox are now online at Youtube and Vimeo: It´s a coorporation with a dance from Singapur (Homme sans Yeux) and a dancing couple from Slowenia (Off the Way). I just love to watch these videos! The pictures and the dancing motion goes in perfect harmony with our music.

© Thomas Bittner 2018