(public events):

Fr. 01/04/2019, Cityhall Erding, with Michael Benker

Fr. 01/17/2019, Wirtshaus Taglaching, with Michael Benker

Sa. 01/18/2019, Cafestation Poing, with BANX

Sa. 01/26/2019, Schrottgalerie Glonn, with No Snakes In Heaven

Th. 02/07/2019, Hofspielhaus, Munich with Michael Benker

We. 03/13/2018, Bradbury´s Bar Landshut, with Michael Benker

Fr. 07/05/2019, Old Town Festival Erding, Gruberei, with Blackjack 4

Fr. 11/15/2019, Inniger Spectacel, with Isolde Brandner

Fr. 11/29/2019, Schrottgalerie Glonn, with No Snakes In Heaven

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